What We Do

Vcom3D, an Orlando-based, woman-owned small business, provides immersive medical simulation and training systems based on plug-and-play architectures with interoperable physical and virtual patient and treatment modules. 

Vcom3D has launched its Immersive Modular PAtient Care Team Trainer. The IMPACTT™ Product-line includes IMPACTT On-site, IMPACTT Remote, and IMPACTT Anywhere Team trainers which enable learners to train in-person and/or join training sessions from remote locations using their own PCs.  

The Company licenses medical simulation components to Developers and provides technical services for customization and integration with third party medical simulation systems.

Vcom3D has developed a Network Enabled Trainer for Combat Casualty Care, NETC3, to train and assess critical decision making.  This system leverages Extended Reality (XR) to augment live training. 

Vcom3D’s research contract, STEM3T (Synthetic Training Environment for Multi-modal Medical Training) is a Multi-modal, Multi-Role, Multi-services medical training system with live, virtual, and manikin-based components.  The system also includes Authoring Tools and a Learning Record Store (LRS).  

Mission & Vision


Vcom3D is committed to developing innovative technology and products that aid learning and improve performance. 


Vcom3D develops simulation technologies and training systems to fill gaps in medical learning.  Our immersive systems provide training environments for medical teams to improve decision making skills and team performance.  We develop authentic content using research-based behavioral and physiological models, engage the learner in immersive game play, and assess performance in realistic simulations.  Learning experiences are delivered on tablets, personal computers, virtual or augmented reality displays, and instrumented physical models.

Approach & Focus

Vcom3D is focused on filling training gaps and our primary goal is interoperability with other medical training systems.

Identify Training Gaps

Vcom3D is focused on filling gaps in medical team training, trauma intervention, and distributed multi-site training, while developing solutions to meet current and future challenges.  Another objective is to enable interoperability with other medical training systems.

Create Solutions

Vcom3D provides innovative distributed learning systems, immersive virtual simulations, augmented reality (AR) based solutions, as well as virtual patients, medical manikins and part task trainers in blended reality learning solutions to train patient management.  Our systems are modular in design with open architectures and standards.

MedSim Focus

Vcom3D develops authentic content using research-based behavioral and physiological models, engages the learner in immersive multi-modal patient care experiences, and assesses learner performance in realistic simulations. Our Open Architectures and Interoperability design approach enables the inclusion of simulated injuries and response to treatment with other training systems such as Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) and Air Evacuation.

Results Oriented

Vcom3D has been a leader in research, development, assessment, and transition of learning systems and technologies for the U.S. Military since 2001 and is continuing to expand our research and development portfolio.  

The Company is offering our innovative technologies to commercial markets and government training programs. Product include IMPACTT™ Team Training as well as modules compatible with the Advanced Modular Manikin(AMM) standard and technical services to support customization and integration.

Leadership Team

Our Funded Research

Vcom3D provides medical simulation and training research, solutions, and products to premier healthcare organizations in the US government, state government, and educational sectors. These organizations lead the nation in closing training gaps and improving patient outcomes.

Our Partners

Vcom3D partners with organizations who consistently display best in class performance in their fields. From global corporations to cutting edge educational institutions, our partners help us push the envelope and enhance our leading edge technology, software and products, so that we can provide our clients the best solutions. Below are a few of the organizations with whom we’ve partnered.

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We are looking for a Product Marketing Manager that will lead and develop our initial and sustaining outbound marketing activities. 

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