AMM™ Compliant Modules

Vcom3D has developed several modules that complement Advanced Modular Manikin™ (AMM) compliant Virtual Patients, Manikins, and Task Trainers. These modules include:

  • Virtual Patient Monitor
  • Virtual Field Ventilator
  • Virtual Hospital Ventilator
  • Virtual Triple Infusion Pump
  • Virtual Urine Gauge
  • Virtual Lab Reports

These modules are delivered on Android Tablets that communicate via Wi-Fi with an AMM-compliant CORE. We have also developed Instructor and Assessment tablets that can be tailored to your application. 

AMM Technical Services

Vcom3D also provides consulting and software development services to organizations developing AMM-compliant modules. As part of these services, we can provide Compact Core™ (Blue Box) a complete implementation of the AMM Core with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi connectivity, develop interface requirements for your application, and support the design, programming, and test of your module integrated into an AMM system.

AMM Compliant Solutions

Vcom3D develops innovative, integrated virtual and blended reality medical training systems to meet a range of training needs. In addition to our commercially available IMPACTT™ system, we have developed Virtual Patient, Task Trainer, and Manikin-based training systems for a range of training applications.

Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM)
Vcom3D is part of the team that is developing open standards, reference models, and exemplar implementations of the Advanced Modular Manikin medical simulation platform. For more information on AMM, refer to our paper in Military Medicine.

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