MedSim DevKit™

Vcom3D’s MedSim DevKit™ is a developer kit of hardware and software tools that enables you to create your own interoperable medical simulation solutions. This time and money saving kit supports a range of applications, including physical, VR, AR, and Mixed Reality. Using the MedSim DevKit™, you can create or adapt your simulation task trainers and/or modules to plug-and-play with other MoHSES™-compatible* simulation modules to build integrated training systems.

Professional Services

Medical Simulation modules are being licensed to third party developers of medical part-task trainers (PTTs) and manikins that may be integrated with IMPACTT™. The modules include Vcom3D’s Compact Core (Blue Box), and Virtual Medical Equipment Apps such as Patient Monitor. Vcom3D Technical Services are also available to support development and integration.


IMPACTT™ is a commercially available product-line designed to fill gaps in team training by improving communication and collaborative decision making. IMPACTT™ On-Site and IMPACTT™ Remote enable learners to train in-person and/or join training sessions from remote locations using their own PC. IMPACTT™ also includes an innovative Instructor and Assessment tablet that automatically tracks learner performance.


The IMPACTT™ Remote Team Trainer supports the training and assessment of clinical diagnosis, critical decision-making, and interprofessional teamwork in emergency medicine. Using the Immersive Modular Patient Care Team Trainer, multiple learners participate in the shared experience of treating realistic virtual patients whose vital signs, diagnostic tests, and medical outcomes depend on collaborative decision-making, as well as the individual skills of each participant.

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