Vcom3D’s New MedSim DevKit

Vcom3D’s new MedSim DevKit™ provides all the tools you need to create your own medical simulation applications. Whether you work with physical, AR/VR, or mixed reality, the MedSim DevKit™ will save you time and money through this open-source medical simulation platform, which also interoperates with all existing or future MoHSES™-compliant modules and simulations.

Base Includes:
-Compact Core (CC)
-With MoHSES core software compiled, configured, and deployed
-Provides power and network
-Open-Source Physiology Engine
-Application Programmers Interface (API)
-Sample Code
-xAPI outputs to LMS
-Virtual Equipment (VE) Tablet with 7 Medical Equipment Simulation Modules
-4-hours of remote support
May also Include:
-MoHSES Universal Segment Connector (USC) for Physical Trainer Modules
-Additional Virtual Equipment Tablets
-Full range of Professional Support Services